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The following are required of student-athletes prior to starting practice with their team:

All Athletic Participation Fees Must be Paid AND All Uniforms and Equipment Must be Returned or Paid before a Blue Card can be issued

  • All outstanding participation fees listed on the student’s Infinite Campus account must be paid.
  • Before a Blue Card can be issued, all outstanding uniforms and equipment fees listed on the student’s Infinite Campus account must be paid.
  • Athletic participation fees of $115 for EACH sport (plus surcharge fees for golf, hockey, gymnastics, and wrestling) are added to student’s Infinite Campus fee account after final rosters are set.
  • Athletic participation fees (or approved Fee Waiver) for the Winter season are due before the first competition or the student cannot compete.
  • Athletic fees are separate from school fees and must be paid separately in the Athletic Office. Please note athlete’s name, ID# and sport in memo line, or pay online through Infinite Campus.

Complete the Athletic Permissions (online)

The parent/guardian must use their own Infinite Campus log-in and password to complete this.

The parent/guardian may not use the student’s infinite campus log-in or password. The system will not recognize it.

If you need assistance obtaining your Infinite Campus log-in and password,

Go to and it will be emailed to you

Contact the Athletic Office at 608-204-1604

Submit the WIAA Physical Card or Alternate Year Physical Card

  • These can be found at the end of the Athletic Permissions questionnaire, after you hit “I attest that all this information is true.”
  • Physicals must be dated after 4/1/2018

A link will pop up that will take you to the form that you need.

Print the form, fill it out, and return it to the Athletic Office. This must be completed prior to the first day of practice.

Pre-printed forms are also available in the Athletic Office.

Emergency Medical Information Sheet (to turn in to the coach on the first day of practice)

Once all requirements are completed, Athletic Office will issue a Blue Card to be given to the coach on the first day of practice. Only athletes with a Blue Card will be allowed to participate in tryouts and practices.