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bk.jpgAugust 2019

Dear East High School Community,

I hope that this message finds you enjoying these last weeks of summer break. Here on campus we have been hard at work getting ready to welcome our students to a new year at East High School, especially our newest Purgolders, the class of 2023. As you know, this summer has brought with it some changes to our staff and school community. In other ways, this summer has been a typical one on the Eastside. Our students have been doing all kinds of big things, as usual...    

They have been taking summer coursework and preparing for Advanced Placement classes or the ACTs. They have been working all kinds of jobs to make some extra money or help out at home. They have been taking Driver’s Ed. They have been keeping an eye on their siblings or cousins. They have been cooking food at Goodman Community Center. They have been traveling abroad (including Kenya!) and studying languages. They have been visiting family in the countries where they or their parents were born. They have been touring colleges here in Madison and across the country. They have been working on political campaigns and mobilizing in response to national events that continue to trouble us all. They have been in the weight room, the pool, the spec gym and out on the pavement, putting in work for the sports seasons to come. They have been making art and performing on stages. They have been reading and writing stories. They have been making dance videos and taking a lot of pictures. Some have been keeping a low profile; others have been keeping it loud. Many of them have been writing me emails or stopping in to let me know what East is going to need from us in the year ahead. Hopefully, they have also been finding some time to relax and recharge before the whirlwind of the school year arrives.       

This honestly represents only a fraction of the things that I have seen or heard from our students this summer. I look forward to hearing more stories in September. They are enough to remind us, however, of how special the East community is. There are few places in the state of Wisconsin, school buildings or otherwise, where such a diverse, dynamic and interesting group of people gather everyday under the same roof with a common purpose. The opportunity we have to learn from and inspire each other here cannot be quantified and should not be taken for granted. We are all lucky to be at East.    

Thank you, and we will see you soon.

Brendan Kearney

Interim Principal