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September 2020


Greetings, Purgolder Family!

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year! Though this is not the first day of school that any of us would have wanted, our staff are very excited to meet or reconnect with our students online during tomorrow’s virtual orientation. I would like to offer a special welcome to our newest students, the class of 2024, as you begin a high school experience unlike that of any class before you. Wherever you are coming to us from, you are all officially East High Purgolders now and we cannot wait to discover and develop the talents that you are bringing to this diverse and dynamic school community. 

As I reflect on the many challenges we have had to face over the past several months, I am humbled to serve a community of such compassion, strength and resilience.      

Staff, families, alumni, community partners, and most importantly, students have pulled together in countless ways out of genuine care for one another, Eastside pride and a shared belief in what education can do for our young people - our future leaders. 

We know that our challenges are not behind us, and I want to acknowledge how much work we have to do as a school in order to make good on our commitment to see all of our students succeed. Here a few of the things that you should see from us in the year ahead:

-We will balance our students’ need for academic learning with their need for compassion and trauma-informed care in the midst of a uniquely challenging moment for our global, national and local community.

-We will do everything we can to stay connected to our students in this time of physical distance, and find new and innovative ways for students to connect with each other and feel a part of East High School.

-We will celebrate the diverse identities, cultures and voices of our community. It is easy to say that we value diversity at East. We strive to ensure that all members of our community actually feel valued in our school, and in every classroom.

-We will continue to evaluate our ways of working, our programs, and our student learning outcomes through the lens of equity and social justice. We are not succeeding unless all members of our community have the opportunity to succeed.

-We will listen to our students and families about your experiences at East High School and will partner with you in charting the path forward for our school community.  

I am certain that we will not get everything right in this unprecedented year, but we will always strive to do better for our students. Our staff choose to do this work because there is nothing that matters more to us.

As always, we are lucky to be at East. 

Brendan Kearney