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Referendum Construction Updates

Work In Progress

Exciting things are happening at East…

We are so proud to be a part of a community that believes in the value of providing an innovative, equity-driven educational experience for our students in well-maintained facilities for generations to come. We appreciate your patience during our construction journey. As we move through this process we will continue to keep you informed of the exciting changes that may impact your environment. You can also view construction updates and timelines on the MMSD website.


June Update
Construction crews eagerly await the start of summer break as it will kick off a busy few months of continued renovation work at East!
Crews are forging ahead in the pool locker room and second floor classroom renovation. Now with rough-in work complete, interior finishes can continue to be installed in both areas. Not only will the renovation work greatly enhance many of the public spaces at East such as the new welcome center and renovated cafeteria, but it will also mark another major milestone in the project – air conditioning will be brought online in many areas of the school for the first time in the building's history! Updates on current work:

  • Installing interior finishes such as epoxy flooring, plumbing fixtures, and ceiling tiles in the pool locker rooms
  • Completed interior partitions and door frames in the second-floor classrooms’ renovation
  • Ongoing masonry brick & cast stone veneer installation on the exterior of the cafeteria addition

April Update
Over spring break, demolition was completed in the pool locker rooms and is ongoing in the next phase of classroom renovations including the second-floor career services and English rooms. Findorff masons have begun work to construct the new pool locker room interior walls, providing an improved functional layout for these high traffic spaces. The pool locker rooms will have many of the same features as the recently completed lower- level locker rooms. Inside the 4th Street addition, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire (MEPF) work continues, and exterior masonry veneer work is set to begin later this month. Updates on current work:

  • Completed renovated basement locker room area
  • Completed renovated third-floor science classrooms, allowing the start of second-floor career services and English classroom renovations
  • Continued concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls and
  • MEPF work in the pool locker room
  • Began exterior masonry veneer work on the new 4th Street addition soon

As the spring semester is now in full swing, so are Findorff construction crews! Lots of progress is being made on the new cafeteria and music addition, the remaining lower-level locker rooms, and this phase of the third-floor science classroom renovations.

Despite cold and snowy weather, construction crews have been working diligently to maintain schedules and push forward before the busy summer season approaches. Updates on current work:

  • Finished the concrete flooring on the second floor of the cafeteria and music addition
  • Installed metal roof joists and decking, with the roof insulation work beginning soon
  • Wrapped up the concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls for the new lower-level locker rooms and athletic offices
  • Completed mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection work in the third-floor science classrooms, allowing drywall patchwork to begin
  • Finished the new elevator that will serve the Welcome Center

January Update
The end of 2022 signaled the end of several phases of construction at East High School. At the start of the new year, the new multipurpose room addition connected to the courtyard was completed. This addition will provide students with a new, flexible space for a variety of activities, including athletics. The world language and computer lab renovations were also recently completed and are ready for instruction. Construction crews have moved back up to the third floor to begin the next phase of science lab renovations. Updates on current and upcoming work:

  • Continuing work on the welcome center lobby elevator addition, where the elevator cab installation and finishes are nearly complete
  • Wrapping up some exterior work on the cafeteria addition, with masonry crews installing new masonry walls and ironworkers setting the steel roof joists to enclose the space
  • Continuing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection (MEPF) work in the lower-level locker room renovations
  • Finishing underground plumbing and pouring the concrete floor in the new locker rooms

December Update
The construction at East High School forges on through the winter and heavy snow. On the cafeteria addition, the second floor of concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls are being constructed. The CMU walls are dual-purpose, providing structural load bearing support and delivering the interior architectural finish for the new addition. Last week the concrete slab for the cafeteria and commons expansion was also poured. On the multipurpose addition, the exterior metal panels are nearly complete. The athletic resilient flooring and the rest of the finishes have been installed, bringing the new space to life. Updates on current and upcoming work:

  • Starting demolition of the old locker rooms on the north end of the lower level renovation area

  • Installing the new elevator in the welcome center, which will improve accessibility to classrooms on all floors

  • Moving the outdoor temporary hoist to the next phase of construction for the third-floor science classroom renovations

November Update
Crews at East High School are working around the clock as the fall phase of construction is wrapping up. In the lower-level south renovation, the flooring is complete, and the lockers, bathroom accessories, carpet, and the remaining finishing touches are being installed. The first coat of paint is being applied in the multipurpose room addition. Also, the new elevator on the lower level will be completed in early December. Upcoming on current and upcoming work:

  • Installing drywall and wrapping up mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection (MEPF) work in the world language and computer classrooms on the first floor

  • Completing the precast flooring on the cafeteria addition and constructing the concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls on the second level

  • Wrapping up the first phase of work for the lower-level locker room renovations and the multipurpose addition

  • Shifting to the winter phases of construction, which will focus on the second part of the lower-level locker room renovations and the next phase of science classroom renovations on the third floor

The cafeteria/music addition along 4th Street is taking shape. During the week of November 7th-11th, the precast floor planks will be installed in the new addition. A flatbed and a large crane will be on the sidewalk/curb along 4th Street. Traffic lane will be down to one (1) lane when the crane is in use. Construction crews will maintain flag persons to ensure safe travel through the area. During this time there will be no parking on 4th street across from the cafeteria. View the 4th Street Construction Area.

On November 7th, Findorff will begin to install the elevator inside Door 2 (Welcome Center Entrance). The installation will go through Winter Break. There will not be access to the building through Door 2 after 4:00pm. Folks attending athletic events or fine arts performances will need to enter the building through Door 4 (the large parking lot near the Fieldhouse).

On November 28th, Findorff will begin to prep for Phase 4, which will start during Winter Break. Phase 4 consists of the middle section of the 3rd floor (science classrooms). Findorff will cut a hole in the side of the building on the corner of 5th Street and E. Washington Ave. to bring in materials. Construction vehicles will access the site from 5th Street. There will not be construction traffic during student drop-off and pick up (7:30-8:30am and 2:45-4:10pm). View the Street view.

October 2022 Update
The renovations at East High School continue to make headway throughout the fall phases of construction. Spaces in the lower level have been painted, and the ceiling grid has been installed. The remainder of the finishing touches for this phase of work, such as ceramic tiling and flooring, is right around the corner. The next phase of classroom renovation work in the foreign language and computer lab areas began this month, and progress is moving swiftly as installation of the new mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection (MEPF) work and drywall framing have already begun.

Progress on the new additions

  • Constructing the exterior masonry walls for the new cafeteria and music area expansion

  • Continuing enclosure activities in the courtyard addition, including installing the exterior wall, roofing, and the new cooling tower unit

  • Starting to install two new elevators, with the elevator in the courtyard addition set to begin at the end of the month and the welcome center lobby elevator to follow

September 2022 Update
Various construction phases have seen immense progress over the past month in anticipation of students and staff returning for the fall semester. Find out more.

Over the past few weeks, construction crews continue to make great headway at East High School – especially with the new elevator addition in the welcome center lobby! Inside the school, new masonry and steel stud walls are being constructed in multiple phases, along with a plethora of new mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection (MEPF) infrastructure. This work is setting the stage for the numerous interior finish elements such as painting, floor finishes, casework, and ceramic tiling to be installed in the coming weeks. On the exterior, crews are nearly complete with the underground utility work that will enable the new MEPF systems to be brought online throughout the project.

Read the Mid-Summer Update that was emailed to all students and families.

East High School will be closed to students, staff, families, and guests for the Summer. East's in-person Summer Semester Office Hours at O'Keeffe Middle School are June 20 - July 28, Monday-Thursday, 7:45am-12:30pm.

Beginning Monday, April 4th the courtyard patio (between the Spec Gym and the Field House) will be off-limits through the rest of the school year.

Have you seen the updates that are coming to East High School? Get up to speed by checking out the East Referendum 2020 website. The MMSD Building Services staff gave an update at the April 12, 2021, Board meeting on the status of the projects funded by the referendum. (The referendum update begins at 1:22:36).