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ap_logo.pngSpring 2021 AP Exams

May & June, 2021

Exam Calendar

Create a College Board Account

Students in AP courses are strongly encouraged to create a College Board account and "join" their class by entering a class code (this is much like how Google Classroom works). Once they join their class, they will have access to a number of resources from which to study and prepare for the AP test that takes place the 1st and 2nd week of May.

Register For AP Exams

September 8 – October 30, 2020

Please go to to register for exams and access full registration instructions. Information is also available on this flier: MMSD Student Instructions 2021 (in English or in Spanish).



*Fee is waived for students who receive Free/Reduced Lunch 

An additional $40 Late Fee will be charged for students who register after October 18th.


The district will provide transportation between East High School and the Alliant Energy Center.


Questions can be directed to Kate Brien at


Review released free response questions on:

Practice taking a variety of AP exams on: (Access Code: MVEXTJNC)

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