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For information and updates on the status sports seasons, fill out the Madison East Athletics 2020-2021 Interest Form or contact the coach directly.

Student athletes should complete the Online Athletic Permissions so coaches know they are interested in joining the team. 


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The main purpose of our study tables program is to provide academic support for student-athletes. We help student-athletes complete coursework, set academic and athletic goals, and introduce them to a variety of guest speakers to help them prepare for college and career. Athletes receive help from tutors and we provide weekly grade monitoring to improve accountability and communication between teachers, coaches, and teammates. The group meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:15-5:15pm as a group and also features breakout groups based on the student's grade and subject. Student athletes who would like to participate in the study tables can contact Wilson Seely. A variety of additional academic supports are available for all students as well.
The program was recently featured in our December 2020 Newsletter.


Madison East Athletics 2020-2021 Interest Form - Please share your preferred email address for virtual contact opportunities. These emails will also be used to disperse information about in-person activities when they become available, regarding East Athletics out-of-season programming, and updates on 2020-2021 school year timelines and dates related to Athletics.

"What do I need in order to play?"

 Athletic Staff

Athletic Director: TJ Rogness300_x_250.png
Phone: 204-1720

Athletic Secretary: Jeneene Olson-McConley
Phone: 204-1604

Athletic Trainer: Mandy Louderback
Phone: 204-1649

Coaches Directory

 Athletic Links

 Varsity Sports

East offers the following WIAA-sponsored sports and school club teams.

FALL Sports WINTER Sports SPRING Sports

Coach: Jeremy Thornton

Girls Basketball
Coach: Ronda McLin

Track and Field
Coach: Matt Peters
Coach: Carley Varo

Girls Tennis
Coach: Andrew Johnson

Boys Basketball
Coach: Matt Miota

Boys Tennis
Coach: Andrew Johnson

Boys Soccer
Coach: Kyle Koenig

Boys Hockey
Coach: Andrea Missureli

Girls Soccer
Coach: Charlie Strader

Girls Golf
Coach: Tina Lindsey

Girls Hockey
Coach: Brenna Weber

Boys Golf
Coach: Tina Lindsey

Girls Swim
Coach: Andrea Elsmo

Boys Swim
Coach: Beth Welzien

Coach: Matt McClenaghan

Cross Country
Coach: Matt Peters
Coach: Louis Lang

Coach: Dayton Yu

Coach: Dana Rockett

Boys Volleyball
Coach: Matt Filteau

Girls Volleyball
Coach: Liz Nagel

Coach: Becky Walters

Ultimate Frisbee (club)
Advisors:  Jeremy Buehl 

Dance Team
Coach: Quasia Thomas

Cheer Team
Coach: Cassie Gallagher

East High School is a member of the BIG 8 CONFERENCE and the WISCONSIN INTERSCHOLASTIC ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. Madison East abides by the rules and regulations set forth by these organizations and those of the MADISON METROPOLITAN SCHOOL DISTRICT.

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