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FULL DAY ABSENCES:  Please call the attendance line 204-1650

PARTIAL DAY ABSENCES:  Please contact the Neighborhood office listed below for late arrival or early release

Grade 9 - Freshman Academy:  

  Jessica Penning 204-1613

10th – 12th Grade Neighborhoods: 

  Olbrich – Susan Harris, 204-1638

  Warner – Emily Nevel, 204-1614

  Yahara – Emily Nevel, 204-1614

PERMISSION TO LEAVE SCHOOL Following these procedures would be appreciated:

Early release for medical appointments: Parents should contact the appropriate Neighborhood or send a note with their child the day of, or before the absence, when possible. Students then go to their Neighborhood office to pick up a blue pass excusing them from class early. Students coming in late should have been called in or have a note from a parent to provide to their Neighborhood office.

Parents, remember that students may not leave school without a pass from their Neighborhood office. If your student has an appointment, he or she must check out and check back in to their Neighborhood office. If your student is ill, he or she MUST go to the nurses’ office. Proper parent notification and check out will happen at that time. Students who leave school without a pass will be marked unexcused.

REQUESTS for HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS may be done by accessing the listing of all staff on the East website and e-mailing your student’s teachers directly. Contact the Neighborhood office if you have any questions.

Marked in Error?  Students who were marked absent in error by a teacher should bring a note from the teacher to their Neighborhood officeto get it cleared or the teacher can email the office directly to adjust the error.