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For Full Day Absences, please call  204-1650
For Partial Day Absences, Please call or email your student's Grade Level Office for Attendance recording:

         Grade 9: Room 1023, Jessica Penning 204-1613 or
         Grades 10: Room 1027, Emily Nevel 204-1614 or
         Grade 11:  Room 2031, Blanca Montelongo or Sherry Barnsley 204-1629 or 204-1638 or
         Grade 12: Room 1027, Emily Nevel 204-1614 or
Medical Appointments: 

Parents should call the appropriate number above or send a note with their child the day before the absence, if possible. 

Students then go to their grade level office to pick up a blue pass excusing them from class early. 

Students coming in late should have been called in per above or have a note from a parent, doctor or dentist. Thank you.
Marked in Error? 

Students who were marked absent in error can pick up an attendance printout from their grade level office, take it to his/her teacher to adjust the error and bring back to the grade level office to get it cleared.