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East High Families and Friends:

Beginning Monday, January 22nd, 2018, we are reconfiguring the criteria in which we use in regards to our “No Pass List”. For those who do not know, the No Pass List prohibits students from receiving passes to leave class and attending extra-curricular events such as athletic events, concerts, etc. 

Previously, if a student had a combined 15 tardies AND/OR unexcused absences within the same academic quarter they would be placed on the No Pass List. 

Moving forward, if a student has 6 or more tardies in a week OR is habitually truant, they will be placed on the No Pass List. 

A number of things factored into this decision, including inconveniences for both staff and students that we firmly believe will be alleviated with this new criteria. The only way to be removed from the No Pass List will remain the same---you must have five consecutive days of perfect attendance (no tardies or unexcused absences).  We would like to stress the importance of attend all classes for the full time.  In order to close the Achievement Gap, we must take advantage of all opportunities afforded to us.  

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact your student’s Neighborhood Principal, Principal Hernandez or Mr. Amara. 

Thank You!

Mike Hernandez

East High School Principal