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Debate TeamAt the debate team's latest tournament in Brookfield, our students were highly successful. It was one of our best tournaments yet!

In varsity policy, the team of Annie Motoviloff (12th) and Eliya Syversten (11th) took first place. Annie also was the top speaker. Ariel Haber-Fawcett (12th) was the 3rd place speaker and Ellis Kondrashov (10th) was the 5th place speaker. The teams of Ariel Haber-Fawcett and Theo Rehm (11th) and Annabel Stattelman-Scanlan (12th) and Ellis Kondrashov also had winning records, earning them a qualifying "leg" to state.  

In novice policy, the team of Benjy Haber-Fawcett (9th) and Pearl Puleo-Pincus (9th) took second place in their division. Benjy was the 3rd place speaker. 

In varsity public forum, the team of Marlin Lee (12th) and Mason JonasKruger (10th) had a winning record, earning them a leg to the state tournament as well. 

LaMarion Allen, Gus Emerson, Tenzin Woser, Evan Cykana, Julian Jaimes, and Simon Kestin also competed but did not place at this tournament. 

Overall, the debate team is doing really well and has increased its numbers substantially!