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Senior student stands next to district superintendent, smiling at the camera and holding an award.

Memorial senior Ananya Krishna was barely even out of bed when she checked her email the morning of May 12, still bleary eyed as she opened the first message; an email from the U.S. Department of Education...

Masked Lake View Student Drawing

Today, the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) informed families it will be following a unanimous recommendation from its team of medical advisors to extend its requirement to wear masks inside school buildings, while continuing to monitor local COVID-19 conditions and reviewing its indoor masking requirement on a bi-weekly basis.

Student poses toward camera with Memorial High School logo across the photo and quote.

I am proud of the the consistency in my grades and athletic achievements in high school the many changes and surprises I have faced.

I am really proud to be at the school I am at and I love the community La Follette staff and students have created.

What’s something special about your high school experience?

I have participated in nearly every area of fine and applied arts at La Follette and I am really proud of the teachers we have and the work I created in drawing, ceramics, orchestra and metal arts. These classes were a wonderful balance to my core subject coursework.

What’s next in your journey?

I will be attending Rhodes College in Memphis, TN.  I’ll be playing my cello and studying psychology.

Advice to incoming freshmen? Enjoy the memories while you can…it seems long but them 4 years go by so fast!

What’s next after graduation?


What are most proud of?

Stepping out of my comfort zone and playing softball.

Djuan Davis

Next stop on your journey?

I plan on attending college at Madison College for 2 years and then transferring to St. Petersburg College in Florida to study in liberal arts for a degree in business and management.

What are you proud of?

I am proud the journey that I took to reach a level of maturity. My GPA and academics have dramatically increased after coming from the virtual school year to now.


Shout out graphic 3

Shoutout to Ms.Paker, for always having a positive attitude and being a great teacher, making sure and wanting me to do well Freshman year 2021, when there was virtual school last year. -Porscha, grade 10

Shout out graphic 2

Ms. McKinley is new to our school but has already shown her dedication and commitment to Scholars! She is a wonderful Communicator with parents and Scholars alike. Her creativity and openness is a welcome addition to our school.

Shout out graphic 1

Ms. Pietruszka has gone above and beyond this year. Our Scholars came in Reading, mostly, hello kindergarten standards. Her determination to get them at or very close to grade level by the end of the year is showing! My son is thriving in Reading has gone from a chore to a passion!

Shout out graphic 4

Shoutout to Mr.Ward, for always being positive, saying hi to each other whenever we see each other out in the hallways and making sure that I get to my classes on time. - Porscha, grade 10

Shout out graphic 3

Shoutout to Ms.T, for always checking up on me, checking to make sure how I’m doing with my grades and assignments, wanting me to do my best and do well in school, always being positive and making me feel comfortable to be around you, whenever we see each other around in the hallways. -Porscha, grade 10

Shout out graphic 2

Shoutout to Shoutout to Ms.Bradley and Ms.Delorme, for always being positive and always making me feel happy, whenever I walk into the library if I ever want to check out any books to read and being there for me whenever I’m at my lowest. -Porscha (had to retype and submit another shoutout because I didn’t put my name on the other one) , for always being positive and always making me feel happy, whenever I walk into the library if I ever want to check out any books to read and being there for me whenever I’m at my lowest. -Porscha (had to retype and submit another shoutout because I didn’t put my name on the other one)

Shout out graphic 4

Van Hise teachers and staff - you are the best and our Hank has so much fun at school, and has so many amazing experiences because of you! Special shoutout to Ms. McGuire - thank you for your sense of humor, your caring nature, your amazing organization and all that you do! Hank misses you on weekends and breaks and that speaks volumes. Love, the Hinkley Family

Shout out graphic 3

Ms. Torres, Ms. MacWilliam, and Mr. Mulligan at Gompers Elementary! Thank you for the support you give your students. I have seen firsthand the tremendous growth, that true dedication, can have on a child. My son has progressed so much in his reading skills thanks to all of you! The Zalapa’s

Shout out graphic 2

Ms. Hickey at Gompers Elementary! Ms. Hickey embodies the perfect teacher. She is dedicated, caring, enthusiastic, kind, and goes above and beyond every single day, and the kids love her! We are grateful you are part of Gompers Elementary. The Zalapa’s

Shout out graphic 1

Maestra Tania at Sandburg, Thank you for not just being a wonderful teacher to our sweet boy, but also an incredibly loving human to our whole family. Your warm and welcoming demeanor has been a highlight during this crazy time. We appreciate the high expectations you hold our child and his classmates to consistently. We are so fortunate to have had the privilege of having you educate our son!