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Message To Families - October 5, 2020

As you know, when the year began, our primary goal was to welcome all students into an inclusive virtual community by building community and relationships within our classes. Because of this focus, we recognize that four-week progress grades may present an incomplete picture of content learned to this point. In order to continue ensuring that grades accurately reflect student learning at all points, we are adjusting four-week progress grades for this term only, as follows:
  • All grades which are currently calculating at 59.5% or higher receive a "CP' for "Continuing Progress."
  • All grades which are currently calculating at lower than 59.5% will receive an "I" for "incomplete."  Please note teacher comments and don't hesitate to reach out to teachers for additional information.
This is a one-time adjustment.  Letter grades will resume with our nine-week progress grades, and they will continue through the year. As a reminder, here is a full copy of MMSD's Equitable Grading Shifts 20-21. Don't hesitate to reach out for any supports you need as we work together for the best possible outcomes for our students.
Students - watch this short video that was shown in 2nd hour classes on October 8th about how to understand the grading shifts for this year and how to understand the new symbols ("CP" and "I") on your 4-week progress grades.

Message To Families - September 25, 2020

Four-week progress grades will be posted next week, so we wanted to send out a reminder about the three changes you will see in our grading practices this year:

Equal Interval Grading: The lowest percentage which students can receive as a grade is a 50%. While 50% still represents an "F" on a grading scale, eliminating the "0" floor does not penalize students disproportionately who may have performed poorly on one assessment but who will struggle to overcome the weight of a '0' in the calculation of their final grade. This is a far more equitable approach to assigning letter grades, and it provides students greater opportunity to receive a final passing grade with their efforts.

Rolling Semester Grades: You will receive progress reports for your student's grades at 4, 9 and 13 weeks. Starting this year, all grades during the semester roll into a final semester grade, which means that you will not see quarter grades posted. This provides students the entire semester to demonstrate knowledge and mastery of skills, and provides multiple opportunities for students to re-do or recover missed assignments before semester's end.

Why this matters: Progress reports are now an opportunity for students and families to see exactly where they have missed opportunities to demonstrate their learning. Assignment marks you need to know:

  • "M" means that the work has not been completed yet, but the student still has the opportunity to complete it. 
  • "X" means that the teacher has exempted the work and the student no longer needs to complete it
  • "NO" means that the work was either incomplete or scored low, but that the opportunity to re-do or complete the work has now passed.
  • "IE" stands for 'insufficient evidence" and this will replace grades which would have been lower than a 50%. 
  • "T" indicates that the assignment is turned in, but has not yet been graded.

Gradebook categories: Summative Assessment grades now comprise 70% of the student's final grade. These are final assessments measuring student learning over a particular period of time, such as unit tests and the final semester exam. Formative assessments will comprise 30% of the final semester grade. These are the work which measures learning 'as you go,' and which are meant to provide teachers and students feedback about how the learning is going.  Daily assignments are included in this category.

We believe that grades should reflect student learning as a process, and that students should have multiple opportunities to demonstrate this learning, as it occurs. These shifts in grading practice provide a sound structural support for these beliefs.

2020-2021 High School Grading Shift

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