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2016/17 Counselor/SW/PSYCH Assignments (Room 2031 Unless Otherwise Noted)

Co-Department Chairs: Michelle Olson, Rene Staskal,
Maggie Zywicki
Student Services Office
Room 2031
Ms. Barnsley, Administrative Assistant
Ms. Abegglen
204-1576 (Room 1022B)

Schedule an appointment with
Ms. Abegglen:
9th Grade
 W W W
Ms. Arkin
204-1672 (Room 1022A)

Schedule an appointment with
Ms. Arkin:
9th Grade
Ms. Elmore
(AVID Only, Room 1046)

Scheduile an appointment with
Ms. Elmore:
AVID StudentsAVID StudentsAVID StudentsAVID Students

Ms. Gillis (10th-12th)

Schedule an appointment with
Ms. Gillis:

 B-E, HB-E, HB-E, H
Ms. Schuchardt (10th-12th)

Schedule an appointment with
Ms. Schuchardt:
 A, F, I, J, S-VA, F, I, J, S-VA, F, I, J, S-V

Ms. Olson (10th-12th)

Schedule an appointment with
Ms. Olson:

Ms. Murphy (ELL, 10th - 12th)

Schedule an appointment with
Ms. Murphy:
DPI Levels 1, 2DPI Levels 1,2
G, Q, R, X-Z
DPI Levels 1-4
G, Q, R, X-Z
DPI Levels 1-4
G, Q, R, X-Z

10th and 12th Grade Psychologist:
Rene Staskal 204-1627

10th and 12th Grade Social Worker/AOD:
Jessie Cudney

9th and 11th Grade Psychologist:
Michael OrRico 204-1667

9th and 11th Grade Social Worker/AOD
Pam Herman 204-1633

Positive Behavior Support

Maggie Zywicki 2014-1665


TBD, 204-1629


Note: East High School's College Entrance Examination Code is: 501-150

East High School Profile 2016-2017 pdf