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How do East High language students continue to use their language after high school? The World Language department would like to showcase former students who have traveled, worked, volunteered or studied language after graduating from East. If you are or know of a former student who has continued with language, please contact us. We would love to hear how your language skills have benefited you and opened doors.

Facilitated Language Study-Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Advanced French and Spanish

Staff Member Room Number email Phone
Claudine Clark 1057H 204-1675
Kathy Grimm 1054 204-1790
Heather Jones 1057H 204-1802
Ryan Zavodnik 1052 204-1833
Barbara Davis 1058 204-1793
Carrisa Flores 1061 204-1796
Jason Kempen 1062 204-1797
Aaron Jossart 1060 204-1795
Joel Webber 1052A 204-1799