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Simba: $4,000 (full cost of trip for 1 student)

Faru: $1,000

Tembo: $500

Duma: $250

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Our Mission

The mission of the East High School PA-MOJA program is to help East High School students grow into global citizens and future leaders. By working side by side with Kenyan students in a Kenyan community, the students will not only learn about international development but will also learn about another way of life and how to work with people from different cultural backgrounds. Through experiential learning and leadership opportunities, this program will empower our students to become college, career and community ready. 


PA-MOJA (Swahili for together) is a non-profit organization that was started in 2006 by a Canadian primatologist. Formally known as Project Kenya Sister School, this organization’s goal is to connect people and wildlife in meaningful ways. The purpose of this is so the communities thrive and do not turn to poaching as a means for a living. Through educational development PA-MOJA aims to help all people see the value in protecting the environment that sustains them. PA-MOJA helps communities through two strategic partnerships: first, working in conjunction with Ol Pejeta Conservancy, East Africa’s 2nd largest rhino conservancy, and North American schools to build understanding, awareness, and empathy towards other cultures and wildlife species. Second, PA-MOJA partners with North American and Kenyan schools to fund scholarships and improve the educational infrastructures of Kenyan schools so that students have a place in which to effectively learn, end the cycle of poverty and reduce the communities’ reliance on unsustainable poaching as a main economic activity. These sustainability measures include funding built infrastructure systems such as water tanks, classrooms, and biogas for the school lunch program to ensure that each school thrives.

"I've learned that we aren't the only ones struggling. I've realized that there can be a better life for us all." - Alanna

History of the program at East

In 2013 East High School partnered with PA-MOJA, an organization whose mission is to connect people and wildlife. Working in conjunction with schools both in North America and Kenya, PA-MOJA has not only helped the educational development of Kenyans but has also expanded the horizons of kids across North America. With the goal of creating globally and culturally competent graduates, East High School has spent the last two years learning and growing together with Malek Secondary. After two years of exchanging words and images, we are now growing this program so that students can work side by side. 

East and Malek Secondary meet
A year of exchanges between East and Malek Secondary, Laikipia, Kenya.

What the program entails

Part 1: Explore

  • Students will begin their exploration of Kenyan culture and prepare for their in country learning experience.

  • Working with our UW Partner program & students in the DS 501 Design Thinking for Inspiration, Innovation, and Implementation class, East Students will learn about the human centered design process. This empathetic approach will help students become innovative and creative problem solvers.

Part 2: Interact

  • Students will travel to Kenya to interact with Kenyan students and learn about their triumphs, struggles, and culture.
  • Stay at one of the boarding schools to experience the daily life of a Kenyan student.
  • Participate in a Conservation Day in Action and participate in park sponsored educational programs to preserve rhinos, elephants and their national habitat.
  • Work with the Ol Pejeta Conservancy and work on a design thinking project surrounding conservation & community development.
  • Plan and organize a field day for one of the local primary schools.
  • Shop and prepare a meal with the equivalent of $1.

Part 3: Reflect, Present, and Act

  • Upon returning back to Madison, WI, students will reflect and present on their experience in Kenya & present to donors, community members and their EHS peers.

  • Students will be responsible for completing a Design Thinking Project to showcase to the greater community their experience & how they have grown as thinkers & leaders.