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East High School Hybrid (In-Person & Virtual Learning) Schedule Beginning April 20, 2021

  • All students participate in synchronous learning four days per week.

  • Provides face-to-face instruction and time in the afternoon for small group and individual support 

  • Beginning-of-Day 'Grab and Go' Breakfast option for students. No large scale breakfast.

  • End-of-Day ‘Grab and Go’ Lunch option for students. No large scale lunch.

  • College & Career Connections periods twice per week for all students: An additional period for supervised, supported work time for students.  Similar to a study hall, students can use this as a flexible time for their individual needs which could include virtual connections with mentors or virtual tutoring with AVID, Achievement Connections, etc.  During this time teachers will also share announcements, video messages from Principal Kearney, Tower TV episodes, and Purgolder Lessons.  Attendance is not taken in IC, but is recorded for contact tracing in the building.

  • Provides all students an opportunity to be in person two days per week, once per class.

  • Based on concurrent instruction: Teaching students in-person and on Zoom at the same time, with use of Webcams and supporting technology

  • Student Cohort 1 attends in person on Tuesday and Wednesday; Student Cohort 2 attends in person on Thursday and Friday. Each cohort participates in concurrent instruction via Zoom when not in person.


East High School Virtual Learning Schedule March 8 - April 16, 2021

All MMSD High School schedules will change on Monday, March 8th, 2021:

  • Asynchronous (independent) learning will shift from Wednesdays to Mondays. All students are presumed present on Mondays.

  • Monday virtual learning schedule (periods 1, 2, 5) moves to Tuesday.

  • Tuesday virtual learning schedule (periods 3, 4, 6, 7) moves to Wednesday.

  • Thursday and Friday virtual learning schedules remain unchanged.


For additional information, read about the full district reopening plan.

Semester 2 Schedule Change Request Information >>>

East High School Virtual Learning Schedule September 8, 2020 - March 5, 2021


What does this mean for my school day?  


Open up google classrooms for each of your classes.  Make a plan for what you will accomplish for the day. School and staff announcements will often be shared at this time.  



At these times, you will log-in to zoom to receive live instruction from teachers and interaction with your classmates. The order of classes has been set so that afternoon classes (periods 5, 6 and 7) always take place in the afternoon, in order to accommodate work schedules and internships for many students and part-time staff. Links and procedures will be shared at a later time.  Remember that your class schedules will be viewable in Infinite Campus on August 24th and you will have the opportunity to work with counselors around any concerns.   


This time will provide breaks between synchronous classes, but also allow time for teachers to connect with individuals and small groups of students in support of their learning. 


Move around, get outside.  Eat healthy foods.  Rehydrate!  Virtual club meetings may also be happening during this time.


Every student will have a staff “mentor” to support their learning, in addition to their teachers and neighborhood support staff. ”Mentor connections” is dedicated time for these staff to connect with students and their families. It is not a time where you are required to attend class.  

Wednesday: INDEPENDENT LEARNING  (Asynchronous)

In addition to your live “synchronous” classes, students will be expected to engage in class work in google classroom on their own (asynchronously). All classes will have learning activities posted for students to engage with independently on Wednesdays, when staff will be meeting to plan, receiving training on virtual instruction, and reaching out to students to support your learning. Attendance IS taken via Google form sent to students by their Virtual Mentor.