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Staff Member/email Classroom WebPages Phone
Michael Fehling Physics, AP Physics 204-1547
Evan Genest Meteorology and Geology, Chemistry 204-1537 (am)
204-1545 (pm)
Tim Honer Advanced Biology, Biology, Honors Biology 204-1530
LauraLee Berrey Biology, Honors Biology 204-1538 (am)
204-1536 (pm)
Crystal McParland Chemistry, AP Chemistry 204-1684
Angie Wilcox-Hull Biology, Honors Biology, AP Environmental Science 204-1539
Michelle Tjugum-Department Chair Chemistry, AVID 204-1545
Ron Welhoefer Honors Biology, Urban Ag., Anatomy and Physiology 204-1535
Deb Weaver Astrophysics, Meteorology, Geology, Limnology, Oceanography 204-1536 (am)
204-1537 (pm)


  • Honors Biology
  • AP Environmental Science
  • Honors Physics
  • General Chemistry
  • Chemistry  
  • Limnology and Oceanography
  • Meteorology
  • Geology
  • AP Chemistry
  • Urban Agriculture
  • General Physics
  • Physics
  • TAG Physics
  • Advanced Geology
  • Advanced Biology
  • Advanced Chemistry
  • Advanced Physics
  • AP Physics
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Astrophysics

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