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service_e.jpgVolunteer & Community Service Hours

Service and volunteerism seeks to enrich the lives of others through dedicating one’s own time to make a difference. The willingness to work for the benefit of those in need without compensation or recognition of any kind is a quality that is essential to the growth of an individual. The purpose of service does not exist to only satisfy a requirement, but to genuinely help others.

As students volunteer throughout the summer and school year, they should track their hours each time they volunteer. Students who need assistance tracking their hours, may use the sample tracking form below.

East staff members are not responsible for tracking or recording any service hours completed by students. This includes any hours earned through Independent Study.

The Service ‘E’ Recognition Award

East High School’s Service ‘E’ Award is the oldest, non-academic award granted to students who have demonstrated volunteerism and service to others without financial or academic compensation.  Certificates are awarded based on the total number of accumulated hours beginning the summer prior to freshmen year.  Seniors who have accumulated 100 hours or more will receive the Service ‘E’ Pin.

In order to receive the Service 'E' Award, students must submit their service hours (including Independent Study) using the online form. Students who do not submit hours through this form will not receive recognition.  All hours must be submitted by March 2, 2020.

Below are the specific hour requirements each grade level must earn in order to be granted the Service ‘E’ certificate:


 Total number of hours

 9th grade (current class of 2023)

 25 total hours
 *may include work from summer prior to start of school year

 10th grade (current class of 2022)

 50 total hours

 *cumulative from 9th -10th grade year

 11th grade (current class of 2021)

 75 total hours 

 *cumulative from 9th-11th grade year

 12th grade (current class of 2020)

 100 total hours

 *cumulative from 9th -12th grade year

 Transfer Students

 Please submit all hours earned prior to enrollment at East High School.

Guidelines for Service Hours

Hours may be earned for:

  • Volunteering as a tutor
  • Volunteering as a coach
  • Volunteering at a community library, senior center, historical society, recreation department, youth center, etc.
  • Participation in service projects with an EHS clubs or organizations (NHS, BSU, Key Club, Student Congress etc.)
  • Volunteering with charity organizations (e.g. United Way,  or other philanthropic organizations)
  • The service portion of mission trips
  • Civic engagement
  • Work with Habitat for Humanity and Meals on Wheels
  • Volunteering at soup kitchen, food pantry, shelters etc.
  • Volunteering in nursing home or other senior assistance
  • Volunteering as a Teachers Assistance (must have Independent Study form completed by guidance counselor)

This is not an exclusive list; many other examples of service may qualify.

Hours may not be earned for:

  • Any service with a material or monetary reward
  • Participation in athletics (including acting as a manager of a team)
  • Court-mandated community service hours
  • Fundraising for Madison East High School clubs, sports or organizations
  • Hours helping a family member in a role that typically any family member would do, e.g. babysitting for a sibling, household chores, etc.
  • Hours worked before June 1, 2016

Please check with the main office if you have specific questions regarding service hours.

Submit Hours

Submit your service hours for the Service 'E' award through this Google Form

Individual Tracking Form

EHS Individual Volunteer & Community Service Hours Sample Tracking Form (for personal use, does not need to be turned in)

Additional Opportunity - Wheels For Winners

A local Eastside business, Wheels For Winners is eager to give away bikes to East students who does 15 hours of community service through their Earn A Bike Program. Wheels for Winners accepts donated bikes of all sizes and styles and refurbishes them to give away to anyone who does 15 hours of community service. Simply complete 15 hours of community service, fill out the 2 page form (English and Español), and turn it in to Wheels For Winners, located at the corner of Atwood and Fair Oaks (Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 12:30-4:00pm; Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 6:00-8:00pm). The applicant can then pick out a bike and they will provide a free new helmet and bike lock along with a free Madison bike registration.

229 South Fair Oaks Avenue, Madison, WI 53704, 608.249.2418