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Madison Metropolitan School District

ACT Testing

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 in-person at East High School from 8:15am-2:00pm

This is a "Juniors Only" day and there will be no regular synchronous or asynchronous instruction for any grade level this day.

ACT Updates & Resources for Students and Families (March 16, 2021)

All East High School 11th graders will have the opportunity to take the ACT on Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 FOR FREE! The test will be given in person at East High school from 8:15am-2:00pm. COVID-19 safety measures will be in place to protect participating students and staff.  Students who do not feel safe coming into the building will be provided with a voucher to take the ACT on a national test date in the future.

Testing Information For Students


Testing room assignments were emailed to students.


As a reminder, if you have not created an ACT account online, please do so. Here are instructions. You will need your ACT code that was emailed to you.


  • Doors will open at 8:00am

  • Please show up between 8:00-8:15am. Test begins at 8:30am. No late admittance after 8:55am.

  • Please enter through Door #2, (Welcome Center), Door #4 (back parking lot), Door #9 (5th street) or Door #7 (fieldhouse).  

  • Staff will be at the doors to check your ID.

    • If you don’t have an ID staff will look you up in IC.  You will get your 2020-2021 Student ID in your testing room.

  • Go straight to your testing room.


  • Bring a mask.

  • Bring your ID (If you don’t have an ID staff will look you up in IC).

  • Bring #2 pencils and an eraser.

  • Bring a calculator.   You can view The ACT® Calculator Policy which provides a list of acceptable calculators.   (We will have a few to pass out)

  • Absolutely NO CELL PHONES, SMART WATCHES, OR OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE ALLOWED, EVEN DURING THE BREAK.  Students will be dismissed from testing and score will be voided if cell phones are seen or heard.  


  • A bagged breakfast will be provided in the cafeteria beginning at 8:00am.  This must be consumed in the cafeteria before going to your testing room.  

  • A snack and a bottle of water will be provided during the 15 minute break. No food or drink is allowed in testing rooms.  You must practice social distancing, in the hall, while on break.  

  • A grab and go lunch will be provided to those with extended time accommodations.  


  • There are no more than 12 students per room, with the average being 10. 

  • Everyone must wear a mask. 

  • Social distancing will be practiced at all times.

  • Bathroom capacity will be 3 students at a time. 

  • Please help us to keep everyone safe!


  • Looking ahead or back to other test sections

  • Using unauthorized calculator (click here for calculator info)

  • Technology of any kind, even on breaks

  • Disrupting others

  • Alarms, phone rings

  • Looking at others’ answers - CHEATING


The test will finish at approximately 1:15pm for standard time. If you get extended time accommodations, you will finish at approximately 3:25pm. 


  • Madison Metro Transit will allow 11th graders to ride mainline service routes without a bus pass to and from their testing sites (schools).

  • Students will need to show any MMSD ID or simply state, "I'm taking the ACT."

  • There will be no specialized school routes. 



  • Get a good night's sleep and be sure to eat something substantial before the test. 

  • Go to the bathroom BEFORE the test. You won’t want to lose time during the test. 

  • Be calm and don’t stress!

  • A test score will never define you! 

  • Show up and do your best!

  • You can retake the ACT. 

Questions & Concerns

If you have any questions regarding assessments, please contact Assistant Principal, Mikki Smith.