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The Madison Metropolitan School District Athletics Program is considered an integral part of the secondary educational program. Our vision is that MMSD athletics provides equitable programming opportunities that support the District’s vision to prepare all students for college, career, and community.

Spectator Guidance

View the East Sports Spectator Guidance for students, families and community members to ensure a safe, welcoming and enjoyable experience for all.

East Athletics Fall 2023

Athletics play an integral role in community building and identity of Madison schools and support the development of commitment, reliability, honesty, integrity, accountability, and perseverance in each of our student athletes. Through participation in co-curricular athletics programs, students strive to become better students, athletes, leaders, and citizens.

Our purpose is to provide unique educational experiences that will contribute to the development of better citizens. Emphasis is upon the teaching "through" athletics in addition to teaching the "skills of" athletics.

The Madison athletic program provides a wide range of opportunities for all students who desire to participate in Interscholastic athletics at Madison high schools.

East Purgolder Athletics

For students participating on any of East’s athletic teams, the student AND parent/guardian will be required to fill out online Athletic Eligibility Form indicating the desire to participate in interscholastic athletics and commitment to adhere to the policies of the Athletic Code which are in effect twelve months of the year. East’s Athletic Code puts great emphasis on parental involvement. In fact, any Code violation that is self or family reported to any East staff member, prior to staff awareness of the violation, may result in up to a 50% reduction of the normal suspension penalty. Because our Code places a high premium on honesty and integrity, it is very important that you take the time to read and discuss the Athletic Code section of the Student, Staff and Parent Handbook at the beginning of the sports season. It would also be beneficial to discuss within your family the section entitled “Athletics – Spectator Behavior.”

Interested in Playing at East?

Fill out this interest form. For information about specific sports, contact the coach directly.

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Student Athlete Study Tables

The main purpose of our study tables program is to provide academic support for student-athletes. We help student-athletes complete coursework, set academic and athletic goals, and introduce them to a variety of guest speakers to help them prepare for college and career. Athletes receive help from tutors and we provide weekly grade monitoring to improve accountability and communication between teachers, coaches, and teammates. The group meets on weekdays after school as a group and also features breakout groups based on the student's grade and subject. Student athletes who would like to participate in the study tables can contact Wilson Seely. A variety of additional academic supports are available for all students as well.

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East E
Athletic Director: 
TJ Rogness
Phone: 204-1720

Athletic Secretary: 
Jeneene Olson-McConley
Phone: 204-1604

Athletic Trainer:
Phone: 204-1649

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