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Back To SChool Newsletter - September 2021

9th & 10th Grade First Day Orientation Information

9th Grade Information

Daily Schedule


Student schedules are viewable in Infinite Campus and through the "Campus Parent" and "Campus Student" app on mobile devices. Schedule change request information can be found here.

Breakfast & Lunch

Breakfast - 7:30-8:15am

Lunch - Mondays 11:35am-12:20pm, Tuesdays-Fridays 12:03-12:53pm 

This school year, all MMSD students will receive free meals under the USDA's extended Summer Seamless Option program (SSO).  All students are eligible for meals at no charge, however, families should fill out the Free & Reduced Price Meal Application for additional services such as district funded bus passes and waived school fees.  If your household has special circumstances, such as Foster, Homeless, or other student's eligibility questions, please call (608) 204-4003.

Meal COVID Mitigation Strategies

Lunch will will be served from the Cafeteria from two serving lines and with a limited menu. Each day students will have a choice of one hot or cold grab-n-go meal along with milk and extra fruit and vegetables. To create the safest lunch period, we will reduce the total number of students in the building during lunch by allowing students to leave campus for lunch and encouraging students to enjoy lunch outside. Students are able to spread out throughout the building during lunch and should sit as far apart from others as they can while they are eating unmasked. Students with 4th and 5th period study hall are able to leave the building with an "Approved Activity" (request form required) modeled along the lines of our 1st and 7th period Late Arrival/Early Release guidelines. We will also continue to offer (masked) open gym in the Spectator Gym.

Bus Passes

The District does not generally provide transportation to high school students. Rather, the District and City of Madison work cooperatively to ensure that Madison Metro Transit routes are available to students as a primary means of transportation. District-provided Madison Metro bus passes are available for students who:

  • Reside within the boundaries of the school attendance area
  • Reside more than one and one-half (1.5) miles from their attendance area school.
  • Have demonstrable financial need, including qualifying for the Free & Reduced Meal Program.

Students who qualify for a district funded bus pass can fill out this google form to request one.  Passes will be distributed during the first weeks of school in Neighborhood offices.

Students may ride the bus for free during the first weeks of school until they receive their bus pass.

Madison Metro Transit Supplemental School Service Bus Routes

Purchase a Madison Metro Transit Youth Bus Pass

For Madison Metro Transit questions, check out their website or call 608-266-4466.

Visit the MMSD Transportation site for more information.

Entrances & Hallway Traffic Patterns

Students can enter through doors #1, #2, #4, #7, and #9 before school until 8:15am.

During school hours, students must enter through the Welcome Center at Door #2.

At this time, families and visitors are not allowed in school buildings.

Here is a map of the building with entrances, doors and hallways/stair traffic patterns.


Locker assignments with combinations to the school provided locks on the lockers will be emailed to students on the first day of school. 

Parking Lot

Students are NOT allowed to park in East High School parking lots during school hours: 7:30am to 4:00pm. Students who do so will be ticketed by MPD. Authorized visitors must sign in at the Welcome Center upon arrival and register any vehicle in the parking lot.

Photo IDs and LifeTouch Portraits

LifeTouch portraits for Photo IDs and the Yearbook will be taken at East High School on September 9th and 10th, 2021.

School Supplies

High schools do not have specific school supply lists.  Supplies will vary based on individual courses.  Teachers will inform students of specific needs during the first week of school. 


Students should bring their Chromebook to school each day.  Students without a working device (including lost or damaged devices) should go to the LMC during the first week of school to get a new device. During the global pandemic, the MMSD fine process was put on hold, however, as we plan to return to school, this fine structure will be in place.  It is important that all Chromebook issues be resolved during the month September. During the month of September we will work with families and students to correct, or replace, any damaged devices at no cost to families. The fine structure, per the MMSD Family Digital Device Guidelines on page 9, will start October 1, 2021 for all schools and students. 

Logging In For The First Time?

Students should use their school ID number as their username and their password is a lower case letter "x", followed by their  6-digit birthdate, followed by a upper case letter "X".  (ex: 01/09/2005 means the password is x010905X).

Having Chromebook Problems?

Troubleshooting Guides for Student Devices

Clubs & Activities

A list of East Clubs & Activities with their meeting days, times and room locations can be found on our website.  

Health & Safety

We will follow all MMSD COVID safety protocols including mandatory masking and social distancing.  Students should maintain a distance of at least 3 feet from one another, 6 feet when eating unmasked. 

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