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summer_school.pngEast High School Summer School Office

Room 2031 (Student Services)

Hours: 7:45am-12:15​pm during Summer School (Mon-Fri 6/​18​-7/2​7​, no school on ​7/4)

Secretary: Emily Nevel - 204-1638

Principal: Maggie Zywicki - 204-1557  (June 18 - July 6)

Principal: Leigh Vierstra - 204-1637 (July 6 - July 27)

Principal Intern: Lew Ruphard - 204-1636

Dean of Students: Ed Ford - 204-1667

​Summer School Teacher Contact Information

Summer School 2017 Staff Contact Info

Here is some helpful Summer School information to ensure that you and your student(s) have a successful Summer School experience. Please feel free to contact Emily Nevel, Summer School secretary, or either one of us, with any questions or if there is a way we can be of assistance to you.


Printed copies of schedules will be available to students who have pre-enrolled (inside of Door 2) on the first day: Monday, June 18th. Schedules for all students can also be found on the Infinite Campus Portal after June 18th.  PLEASE NOTE: Schedules will not be finalized until Monday, June 19th. Students are still registering and numbers are being balanced and classes shuffled to ensure the best Summer School experience for all students.

First Day Information

Students should arrive BEFORE their scheduled class time in order to receive their printed schedule, and find their classroom location.​ If you still need to enroll, come to the Summer School Office (Room 2031) on Monday. 1st hour begins at 8:00 AM and 2nd hour begins at 10:10 AM.  Staff will be available to hand out schedules, answer questions, and to help students find their classes.


​Students/families are responsible for their own transportation to and from Summer School.  Students who qualified for a school-funded bus pass based on socioeconomic status and distance from their home school during the school year will be issued a Madison Metro Summer Youth Bus Pass.  School-funded bus passes will be deactivated if the student stops attending Summer School. For students who do not qualify for a ​school-funded bus pass, Summer Youth ​Bus ​Passes may be purchased at the Madison Metro office, or online.

More information can be found on Madison Metro's website, or you can call Madison Metro directly at ​608-​266-4466​ for route and stop information.​


​Absences should be limited. ​All excused absences should​ be requested in one of the following ways:

  • ONLINE request (NEW! -​)
  • called in to the Summer School Office at 608-204-1638
  • emailed to the Summer School Secretary at

Students should check in and out of the Summer School Office for excused absences (​coming and going to and from ​appointments, illness, etc). ​All summer school courses are one-half credit, which is equivalent to one semester, but are condensed into six weeks. It is essential that students attend 100% of the classes. One day of absence from Summer School is equal to three days absence during the regular school year. Students who miss more than 5 days will be dropped from the course due to loss of instructional time.

General Behavior

The Behavior Education Plan will be implemented during Summer School, the same as during the regular school year. In addition to disciplinary action outlined in the plan, students may be dropped from Summer School for certain violations. Students who are removed two times from a class for inappropriate behavior may be dropped from that class. Students suspended two times from Summer School will be dropped from Summer School.

Dress Code

Students are required to wear shoes and a shirt at all times when in the building, and dress in a manner that does not disrupt the educational process.  Even with the warm summer weather students still need to wear clothing that is school appropriate. Specific dress code concerns based on Board approved district guidelines will be addressed individually. Hats are not permitted.

Arrival and Departure

Breakfast will begin at 7:45. Students are welcomed into the building at this time. Students who only have a 1st hour class are to leave the school directly after their class ends, unless they have made plans to work with a teacher.

Breakfast & Lunch

East is a community meal site for the summer.  Anyone is welcome to come for FREE breakfast (7:45-8:30) and/or lunch (12:15-12:45).  Text “FOOD” to 877-877 or visit MMSD.ORG/FOOD

Cell Phones

Cell phones interfere with instruction and learning. Use of these electronic devices is not permitted during Summer School classes.

No School

No School on Wednesday, ​July 4, ​201​8.

LMC (Library Media Center)

Staffed LMC Hours for Summer School are 7:30 AM-1:30 PM Mon/Wed/Fri. Students are able to come to the LMC for quiet study before school and after school on these days.

Looking forward to working with you and your student(s)! 


Maggie Zywicki & Leigh Vierstra

East High School Summer School Principals

Maggie Zywicki (June 14-July 6), 204-1557 or

Leigh Vierstra (July 9-July 27), 204-1637 or