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April 13, 2020

From Jane Belmore, Interim Superintendent 

Hello MMSD high school students,

I know many of you are wondering how grading will work throughout our time teaching and learning virtually, knowing that changes to grading can have lasting impacts on students’ learning experiences. Last week we came to a decision about high school grading, and I wanted to update you. 

MMSD will be implementing a pass/no pass system for final second semester grades for all high school courses.  We recognize that there are no perfect options for addressing grading, and the current situation is far from ideal. 

This decision aligns with our overall goals for high school grading that include:

  • Providing teachers and students with maximum flexibility

  • Ensuring there is no disruption to student GPAs and/or credit attainment

  • Collecting evidence of student learning through progress monitoring and feedback  

  • Supporting all students through this emotionally challenging time

  • Ensuring grades should only benefit students from March 13th until the end of the school year

Pass/no pass will freeze GPA as it stands after the first semester and will not impact a student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA).  Definitions of Pass/No Pass are listed below:

  • Pass  - Student has met minimum requirements for content standards.  A grade of D (59.5%)- or higher is passing. 

  • No Pass  - Student has not met minimum requirements for content standards. Every effort has been made to ensure that students received feedback and multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery of standards.  Students will receive a No Pass (NP) for the course(s)

Teachers will continue to assign work and record the scores in the Infinite Campus (IC) gradebook. As assignments are completed and graded by teachers, students and families will be able to see grades in IC.  These grades provide feedback regarding student performance on Virtual learning assignments. Please note, there will be no final exams for courses this year.  

We recognize that there are still some unknowns during this unprecedented time.  Please know we are protective of your post-high school future. College admissions offices have been clear that they will be understanding of the various ways high schools will be approaching grading during these last two quarters.  

MMSD will provide letter grades when requested by a third party (examples:  academic scholarship, post secondary admission needs, NCAA athletic eligibility, etc).  More details and processes will be forthcoming.

Thanks for hanging in there with us. We know this is a stressful and difficult time for many, and your resilience and eagerness to continue learning through this challenging time is admirable. Please do stay safe and be good examples for any younger family members you have in practicing social distancing. I know it’s hard not seeing those who you are close to, and I encourage you to stay connected with your friends and support networks virtually. Keep up the good work. 


Jane Belmore, Interim Superintendent